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What to Look for When Buying a Office Chair?

Office workers who spend long hours working on their desks are advised to be cautious when choosing their office chair. Having a good office chair will provide you will a natural and healthy posture. This will help you work comfortably for long hours without developing any back, spine and neck pains. Most online stores offer a wide range of ergonomically designed executive office chairs. These chairs are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, designs and even materials. These are some of the most important things an office worker should look for when buying the office chair.

1. Adjustable height

Adjustable heigh
A good chair should have numerous adjustable features, enabling the user to customize their seat to the position that suits them best. Some of the most common adjustable features in office chairs include adjustable seat height, back rest and armrests. You should get a chair that you can adjust to fit your height for optimal comfort. Optimal comfort is only achieved when the height of the chair puts your thighs horizontal to the floor. The chair is usually fitted with a pneumatic adjustments lever allowing you to bring the sit lower or higher.

2. Adjustable backseat and armrests

Adjustable backseat and armrests
Adjustable backrests enable you to adjust the backrest by moving it backward or forward. It should also feature a locking mechanism to help hold the most comfortable position in place. Chairs built with separate seat and backrest should also have a backseat seat adjustment knob. It should also allow you to tilt the backseat to the most comfortable angle. The chair’s armrests should also be adjusted to the best position that prevents straining your shoulders and neck.

3. Material


Office chairs come in a variety of materials. However, the best office chairs are often made from high-quality leather that allows you to use the chair for extended periods. Other common materials include fabric, mesh and plastic. The chair you choose should have a breathable and comfortable material that eliminates sticking and sweating. It should also be built with ample padding that is neither too soft, nor too hard. A hard padding can damage your spine while a soft padding will not provide ample support.

4. Swivel and Caster Wheels

Swivel and Caster Wheels

When buying an office chair, you should also check how the seat will facilitate your movement around the office. If you have a multitasking job that involves plenty of movement, you should be careful when selecting your chair. It should have quality caster wheels that will work efficiently for years, without breaking under the pressure. You should also check the material used to make the caster wheels to ensure that they are appropriate for your office’s floor. Most executive chairs are constructed with caster wheels that work well in most flooring including marble, carpeted and even wooden floors. It should also have a smooth swivel to help you rotate the chair to different spots in your desk.

5. Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

Another important aspect of an office chair that you must put into consideration when buying one, is its lumbar support. An office chair should have good lumbar support, giving your back the support and comfort it needs. Most executive office chairs are designed with contoured backrests that match the natural curvature of your spine. It is recommended that you pick the chair that will support your lower back and helps to keep it slightly arched throughout the day. Good lumbar support is important as it will help prevent compression or strain on the lumbar discs located in the spine.

6. Sufficient seat width and depth

Sufficient seat width and depth
A good office chair should be built with sufficient width to allow the user to seat comfortably. Taller office workers should go for deeper seats while shallow chairs are ideal for short people. The best sitting position is when your back is against the backrest while leaving about 2 to 4 inches between the seat and the back of the chair. You should also go for a chair that allows you tilt the seat backwards or forward depending on how you feel most comfortable.


These are some of the most important aspects that you can look for when buying the office chair. These aspects will ensure that you enjoy the benefits of the chair for years. The chair also allows you to sit in a natural and healthy position, providing full support and comfort throughout the day.

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