Take regular and short breaks

Tips on How You Should be Sitting in Your Office Chair to Prevent Back Pain

Office Chair to Prevent Back PainSitting in your office chair for long hours on end can lead to low back pain or even worse and severe back problems. The main reason you are likely to develop back problems is due to maintaining your body in a static posture, increasing the pressure on the shoulders, back, legs as well as arms. Most people tend to slouch over or down in the chair. This is an inappropriate sitting posture as it strains the spinal discs and even overstretches the ligaments in your spine. When the posture is prolonged, your spinal structures could be damaged, contributing to worse back pain. There are several tips on how you should be sitting in your office to prevent back pain.

1. Maintain the natural curvature of your back

Maintain the natural curvature of your backThe most important thing in ensuring that you do not develop back pain is checking your sitting posture. The human back is designed with an S-shaped curvature. Your office chair should have a lumbar support that provides your back with sufficient support as well comfort. The shape of the back seat should match with your natural back curvature. The chair should provide ample support to your lower back and help the back keep the natural curve through out the day. When leaning back, your office chair should provide full body support from your lower back all the way to the back of your head. This will ensure that your body weight and pressure is evenly distributed all over the chair.

2. Good posture

Good posture

Most ergonomically designed executive office chairs are designed to provide you with a good posture. One of the main features of a good chair that promotes good posture is sufficient cushioning and padding. One of the main reasons why most office workers develop back pains is using chairs with hard padding. You chair’s padding should not be too soft nor too hard. Soft padding will often shrink too fast before you have enjoyed the full benefits of the chair.

3. Adjusts the chair

Adjusts the chairSome of the best executive office chairs often come with a wide range of adjustable features. These features enable the user to customize the seat to their most comfortable position. This will help prevent neck, back as well as joint pains. Some of the most common adjustable features include seat height, armrests, tilt as well as the chair height. These chairs are often designed to accommodate people of all sizes and height. They are usually fitted with numerous adjustment knobs to help adjust the chair forward or backward as well as lower or higher.

When adjusting the height of your chair, it is recommended that you also consider the position of your monitor or screen. According to experts, you should ensure that the top of the monitor is at your eye level. This will prevent you from straining your neck or back when you sit higher or lower than the position of the monitor.

4. Place your feet flat on the floor

Place your feet flat on the floorMost female office workers usually develop back pains due to sitting on their office chair for long hours while wearing high-heeled shoes. The most recommended sitting position is when your back is rested against the backseat, thighs horizontal to the floor and the feet flat on the floor. You should also ensure that your shoulders are relaxed to avoid hunching them up. Ladies who go to work in their high heels are advised to carry a pair of flat shoes to wear when working on their desk. On the other hand, you can also choose to invest in a foot rest for extra comfort.

5. Take regular and short breaks

Office workers are advised against sitting in a static position for hours without taking a break. This is unhealthy and is a leading cause of back pains. Taking regular breaks promotes smooth blood flow. It also helps to relieve stress and relax the muscles. During the short break, you can help relieve the pressure on the lumbar disks by stretching or doing push-ups. You can also perform regular aerobic exercises or even take a walk.

Take regular and short breaks

These are some of the most important tips that can help you prevent back pain. However, every office worker has their specific needs and should take their time to choose the best chair that suits their needs. For instance, you can test the various available options before making up your mind on your most comfortable office chair.

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