Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric, 28-1/2″x28-1/2″x45, BK Review

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric
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  • Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric
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Mesh back chair, ergonomic design, adjustable width and height, nylon five-star base, meets fire retardant standards, 360-degree swivel, pneumatic seat-height adjustment, high back design for natural curvature, three-lever control, asynchronous adjustment, seat height can be adjusted between 17” and 21”

This chair is specifically designed for those office workers who prefer chairs that provide ultimate comfort as well as support, even when working for long hours. This chair has a simple construction and design which offers all the benefits of a good office chair. The manufacturers of this chair have utilized long-performance and light weight materials. It is also capable of carrying people of all weights and heights.

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric, 28-1/2″x28-1/2″x45, BK is ergonomically designed to support and keep your back in its natural sitting position. The executive chair features a breathable mesh back that prevents sticking and sweating when seated for long hours. It is also plastic-coated to enhance its durability. The lorell chair is constructed with a strong nylon five-star base and high-quality caster wheels that support the overweight people without breaking under the pressure.

This chair is also designed to prevent developing back or joint pains. Its mesh back support is designed to fit the curvature of your back, evenly distributing the pressure of your weight on the chair. The chair is also designed with numerous adjustable features to ensure that you are well leveled and positioned when working on your desk.

Benefits of Using the Product

This chair is designed to be used for a long period without breaking. When buying an office chair, you should ensure that you enjoy its benefits for a long period by checking if it’s designed for heavy duty use. You should also check its technical features that will provide balance, support and comfort for years. There are several benefits that an office worker can enjoy by using the Lorrell executive office chair. This light-structure chair is only 48 pounds, making it easy to move it from one place to another. Despite the light weight attributes, this chair has the capability to carry up to 250 pounds of weight.

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Great Features of product

  • Its arms can be adjusted, both in width and height.
  • Its height can be adjusted from 17 inches to 21 inches, depending on the user’s height.
  • The chair features pneumatic height adjustment that suits people of all heights.
  • It has a 360- degree set of swivel wheels, for better mobility as well as portability.
  • It is also built with tilt and an asynchronous system. This includes a three-lever control system to enhance support and level.
  • It is made with fire retardant materials that meet the CA117 standards.

Pros and Cons of the Product

Every bit of the Lorell Executive chair is simply amazing. It has been designed to provide a wide range of benefits. From its design to construction, this chair has more pros than cons.


  • It’s built using lightweight materials, coming with a gross weight of 37 pounds.
  • It can hold up to 250pounds of weight.
  • It’s fire retardant.
  • Ergonomic back, arm and seat designs.


So far, there have been no reports of customer complains regarding the usage of the product. They have all given positive reviews on the chair, rating it among the top executive office chairs of 2016.

Why You Should Choose this Product?

One of the main reasons why you should choose to have this chair in your office is its long-term service and comfort. Those who have used this chair have admired the technology behind its design. It has been proven to be a perfect chair for people of all sizes and heights. Its numerous adjustable features enable its user to customize their best sitting position, height as well as tilt. The ergonomic design of this executive chair helps to prevent neck, joint and back pains as the back seat is built for the natural back curvature.

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You can also get one of the Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric, 28-1/2″x28-1/2″x45, BK by simply purchasing it on Amazon where it is currently listed at $$$. With the Lorell High Back chairs, you are guaranteed of long lasting comfort in your office, even when working for long hours, free from back pains.

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