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How to Choose and Use an Exercise Ball Chair? Plus Standing Desk Tips

Exercise ball chairs are great alternatives to the regular chairs especially for adults as well as children with postural control, balance, sensory processing disorders and attention problems. The ball chairs usually come in a variety of sizes, to suit people of all heights. There are also other types of ball chairs that are specifically designed for exercises while others can be used in the office. These chairs have been proven to be effective workout tools that help to strengthen as well as balance the core muscles in your stomach and back. Having strong core muscles is essential in maintaining a good posture when working on your desk. However, you should be extra careful when using the exercise ball chairs as wrong techniques can do you more harm than good.

Ball chair

When buying an exercise ball chair for your office, there are numerous things that you must put into consideration. First, you must ensure that you get the right ball chair size for your desk. Office workers who are 6 feet or taller are advised to avoid using ball chairs with a shorter diameter. Most exercise chairs come with a diameter of 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm. The 55cm ball chair is ideal for those who are shorter than 6 feet. To identify your ball chair size, you can use it on your desk and ensure that your arms are comfortably relaxed when working on your computer.

You should also ensure that you buy an exercise ball that is burst-resistant. The best exercise balls are often made with extra strong materials. It should also be designed with an extra layer between its cavity and the outside. This is mainly because you are likely to find sharp objects such as paper clips, staples or scissors on your office floor. The extra layer will ensure that your ball does not burst. After buying your exercise ball, ensure that you pump it to the maximum so that you do not sink too deep into the ball.

Having the right size of exercise ball as your chair should help you to sit upright, with the legs in front of you. You must ensure that the angle between your thighs and legs is 90 degrees, and parallel to your ball chair. There are several health as well as physical benefits of using an exercise ball as an alternative to the executive office chair. These include:

1. Enhanced body balance and posture: The unbalanced properties of these chairs force your body to find it balance in the perfect spinal position.

2. Lose weight: Plenty of muscle contraction and energy is required during the process of balancing the body. This will lead to weight loss as the excess calories are converted to energy.

3. Improved blood circulation: Most office chairs often keep the pressure at one point on the body. Your body is more flexible when sitting on a ball chair and this improves blood circulation as well as prevent muscle ache or cram.

4. It’s fun: Bouncing on the ball when in your office is fun and entertaining and this can play a great part in reducing your stress levels as well as get a break from your busy schedule at work. You can take several micro-breaks and roll over your ball to rejuvenate and energize your body.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are also a popular alternative to the ergonomic office chairs. Standing desk workstations involve standing on a roller board while working on the desk. Having a standing desk in your office is important as it prevents development of back pains as a result of prolonged sitting posture. In addition, it helps to burn the extra calories during the process of balancing your body on the roller board. There are several tips that you should consider when setting up and using a standing desk.
Standing Desks

First, you should learn to stand correctly, without leaning or resting your elbows on the table. Ensure that your toes are pointed forward and not duck-footed. Keep all of your body muscles engaged, rather than flexed and the right standing posture will improve naturally. You should also avoid standing for long periods without taking a break. After a duration of time, you can switch to your exercise ball chair before going back the standing desk. You should also consider using a soft foot pad to minimize the pressure under the feet.

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