Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair, Black Review

Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair, Black
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  • Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair, Black
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Seat depth control, tilt tension, height adjustment, tilt lock mechanism, fixed armrests, lumbar adjustment, full-body support, padded headrest, Upholstered with LeatherSoft, capped dual-wheel casters, heavy-duty nylon five-star base, waterfall-edge design, built-in lumbar support.

A serious office worker who spends most of their time seated in their office should ensure that they get the best chair in the market. They should ensure that they get a well-built chair that is not only adjustable but also durable, to last for years. The Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair, Black provides a professional and distinctive look in your office. It is designed to offer maximum comfort with a multi-lever adjustment system. This means that the chair can meet your specific needs and can be adjusted to your most comfortable height, tilt and position.

One of the most important factors that you must put into consideration when buying an office chair is the material used. The Flash Furniture office chair is LeatherSoft upholstered. The leather used enables the chair to last for years without tearing or wearing. It is also designed with a padded headrest as well as a full body support.

Benefits of Using the chair

The Flash Furniture Chair is well known for its wide range of benefits. This is mainly due to its ergonomic design. The chair also promotes healthy posture by maintaining the natural curvature of the spine as well as body alignment. The construction of this chair ensures that your back is fully supported. It is designed with a padded headrest that comfortably rests your neck and head.

The Flash Furniture model is designed for long-term and heavy duty use. It is beautifully upholstered with quality leather, which is easy to clean, highly durable and has an executive look. The chair can accommodate users of all sizes as the model’s height can be adjusted to suit the user. It also comes with fixed armrests.

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Great Features of the Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair, Black

  • It is upholstered with LeatherSoft, which is both durable and comfortable.
  • It comes with built-in lumbar support that promotes good sitting posture. This support is adjusted using a pressurized lumbar support knob.
  • It has capped dual-wheel casters for efficient and smooth mobility.
  • It features sculpted and contoured seat and backrest. Besides promoting a healthy posture, these features also help to maintain a smooth blood flow.
  • The Flash Furniture Executive chair is constructed with a heavy-duty nylon base. For robust stability, the nylon base has a titanium finish. The finish also gives a contemporary and smart appearance.
  • The chair’s height can also be adjusted via a triple paddle located under the chair.
  • The back height can be adjusted through a knob at the back, which is also used to lock the adjustment in place.
  • It also features seat depth control. It has a triple paddle mechanism allowing for the adjustments of the seat depth.
  • It has a tilt tension and lock, allowing you to recline safely and in full support.

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Pros and Cons of the product


  • It is highly durable as it is constructed using high-quality materials.
  • It numerous adjustable features promote healthy posture, free from back, neck or joint pains.
  • It has dual wheel casters for easy mobility.
  • It offers its users with full back support.
  • It has double padding on the back and seat for ultimate comfort.


The Flash Furniture high-back seat is designed with the latest technology, ensuring that its users will enjoy maximum benefits, even when using it on a daily basis.

Why you should choose the product?

Some of the most important aspects that you must take into consideration when buying an most comfortable office chair include ease of use, adjustable features, ergonomic features as well as the material used. The Flash Furniture chair meets all of these aspects. In addition to providing contoured comfort, this chair also promotes natural and healthy posture, preventing musculoskeletal stress in your body. Its waterfall edge seat allows proper flow of the blood while still providing ample support around your thighs. It is upholstered with leather, giving your office an executive and contemporary look.

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This executive chair can be used in most floors included carpeted and hard wood floors. The nylon five-star base provides extra stability, making the chair ideal for heavy duty use. The Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair, Black is often available in black. It is readily available in most online stores and can be ordered to your door step.

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