Fashion Tips for Office

Fashion Tips for Office

Just because it’s office wear doesn’t mean it has to be boring. While it is a smart move to dress conservatively for office, there is a fine line between conservative and uninteresting. You should spend some time on what you wear to work because people will notice you and judge you based on how you present yourself. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your office attires look more smart and suave. Here are a few fashion tips for office wear that will come handy the next time you go on a shopping spree to revamp your work wardrobe.

Fashion Tips for Office

1. To start with, invest your money in formal dresses. Choose midi-dresses over short ones as short dresses look out of place in the professional world. Likewise, you must also choose fabrics that aren’t too flashy. Linen and cotton make it to the top of our list. You must also stay away from colours that are too bright. Instead, pick neutral shades to create a more refined look.

2. If you work in a conformist environment where women are required to dress less liberally, you can use a blazer to your advantage. A blazer is a versatile piece of clothing as it can be paired with virtually anything — from skirts and dresses to pants and jeans, blazers compliment everything you pair them with. Put your money in either a black or beige blazer as they are timeless pieces that can be effortlessly converted from work wear to party wear.

3. If you are a working woman, you must include a few good skirts in your wardrobe. Skirts give a feminine yet powerful appearance. If you are tall and lean, you must wear pencil skirts to work as they will highlight your personality in just the right way. Moreover, we will advice you to put your money in a high-waist skirt as they will make you look taller. Contrarily, if you are on the heavier side, stick to flared skirts as these will cover your weak areas.

4. If you are someone who likes to wears trousers to office, you are in for a happy surprise. There are so many different fits available in the market right now. From flared and boot cut to skinny and cigarette pants, there is a design for each body type. While boot cut trousers will make your legs look longer, flared trousers will strategically hide any extra fat you have around your ankles. These days, culottes are gaining huge popularity. If you are a woman who is not afraid to embrace latest trends, culottes are what you must pick on your next shopping trip.

5. Fill your wardrobe with formal shirts as you will need many of these. Since it’s office wear, you must stay away from flamboyant designs. Instead, pick up shirts that are plain and simple. Stripes work well too. A white shirt is a must have. If you want to do something different, you can pick up a shirt with a contrasting collar. We will advice you to favour three-fourth sleeves over any other pattern as these go well in all seasons.

6. You must invest in a black dress. When Coco Chanel designed the little black dress, she probably created the most classic piece of all times. Any wardrobe is complete without a black dress. If you have an office party to attend or an important meeting with a client, a black dress will make the perfect ensemble. You can team it with a belt or a necklace to give yourself a more ethereal look.

7. Accessories are important. To make your office wear look complete and more refined, throw in some beautiful accessories. You must spend in a classic tote bag that is roomy enough to hold all your documents. Likewise, you must also spend some money on a beautiful watch. Let’s accept it, a working woman looks incomplete without a watch on her hand.

8. Last, you must focus on your shoes. Your work wear wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of pumps. As a matter of fact, if you have two pairs — beige and black — you are completely sorted. Pumps do not only give you height, they also make you look smart. However, if you prefer something more comfortable, you can trade your pumps for wedges this season. Wedges are making a comeback this year and they have already become a favourite of many fashion lovers.


It is important to dress right because people take notice of you when you are dressed right. With a little bit of effort, you can easily make your way into the fashion’s most forward. Give it a try.

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