Exercise at your Desk

Exercise Tips for Office Workers

The modern-day office involves sitting behind a desk for long hours with minimal physical movements. Most office workers spend most of their waking hours making phone calls, participating in video conferences, blogging, sending faxes and emails. The human body is designed to be allowed to move to its intended range of motion, rather than stay in a single position for long hours. Lack of regular exercise can slow your metabolism, lowering the rate at of conversion of food to energy. This promotes obesity, fat accumulation as well as numerous illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes and heart diseases. There are several essential exercise tips that can guide an office worker to stay healthy and fit.

1. Take the Stair

Take the Stair

Today, most offices are located in tall buildings that often have elevators and lifts. When working in such an office, it is recommended that you develop a habit of taking the stairs, rather than the easy and quick elevators. Taking the stairs has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of burning calories and excess fat. Besides walking up to your office, you should also take the stairs down when going home. You can also take the stairs up and down during lunch break. This is a perfect way for office workers to exercise without necessarily going to a gym.

2. Walk to Work

Walk to Work

Most office workers, especially in the United States, own one or more cars. They tend to spend most of their time in a car when going to and from work. They rarely take the time to walk, even when going out for shopping, lunch or taking the kids to school. To burn the extra calories, you can choose to get up earlier and walk or jog to work. You can even get a running suit and take a shower at work. This will help you get ready for the day and eliminate excuses for missing your workout. You can as well take a walk during your breaks to get fresh air and clear your head. Also, avoid driving to appointments and meetings located a few blocks from workplace.

3. Go to The Gym

Go to The Gym

You can also choose to join a wellness center, gym or even get a personal trainer to assist you in your workout. To begin your workout, you can start by going to the gym 3 to 4 day a week. Start with the basic work out techniques and advance as your body adapts to the workout routine. There are two basic options for ensuring that you make it to the gym. You can choose to wake up early, get your work out done, and begin your day energized. The second option is going to then gym after working before going home. However, most people tend to miss their session as they are usually tired after the long day at work. Nevertheless, you can try both options for several weeks to determine the one that works best for you.

4. Take several Breaks

Take several Breaks

Most office workers work for over eight hours on their computers and paperwork without taking a break. It is recommended that you take several breaks at intervals through out the period you are in the office. Besides the lunch break, allow yourself some time to take a short walk in the morning as well as in the afternoon. This will not only get you fresh air and sunshine but will also elevate and keep your body moving. In addition, it will help you relieve the stress from your busy schedule at work. You will feel fresh each time you get back to work from a break.

5. Exercise at your Desk

Exercise at your Desk

Some people work on tight schedules and may lack the time to go to the gym or take a walk. You can design your office desk and create some space where you can perform 60-second aerobics. Some of the best aerobic tricks you can do in your office to keep fit include doing a football drill, skipping, sit-ups and squats as well as stretching. You can perform each of these exercises for about 60 seconds, through out the day at regular interval. When performed as a routine, it helps to relieve stress and burn the excess fats accumulating in your body.

The bottom line is, you should not rely on your office work to keep fit. These are the top five exercise tips for office workers.

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