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How to Clean a Leather Office Chair?

Leather office chairs are among the most popular executive chairs used in offices today. Office chairs with leather upholstery are considered to not only be contemporary but also highly durable. Leather chairs are usually made from high quality leather that will provide you with maximum benefits for years. It should maintain its original executive appearance even when used on a daily basis or for heavy duty purposes. When you buy a leather office chair, you should consider it to be an investment. It is, therefore, very important that you take care of your chair by ensuring that you use proper cleaning and maintenance methods. For an extended life, there are certain products that you should use to clean your chair. At the same time, you must be careful to avoid using products or methods that can damage your chair.

cleaning office leather

Since most office chairs are used on a daily basis, they are likely to collect crumbs, dirt, stains, spills and even other residues that can ruin the appearance of the chair. Stains and spills from coffee or food should be cleaned immediately as they occur. This will prevent them from accumulating making it difficult to remove or clean them in future. In addition, it will also keep your clothes clean. Most people are under the impression that cleaning a leather office chair requires you to use harsh chemical products. However, some of these products can damage the leather upholstery.

There are several things that you must consider when cleaning your chair to maintain its appearance. First, it is important that you regularly dust the chair using a cloth. This will eliminate all the dust that can accumulate, leading to tougher stains that are hard to clean. Most leather office manufacturers usually provide a manual for their chairs. You should take your time to read through the user instruction manual. The manual will often provide the most effective and accurate way of cleaning the chair. It will also inform you of the most recommended products to use on the chair. Dusting off your leather chair using cloth is not sufficient to get rid of all the dirt in your chair. One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your chair is dust free is using a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner gives the maximum effect as it will eliminate the dust that is often hidden in inconspicuous areas, corners and even cracks. To get rid of the stains and blemishes on your chair, the vacuum cleaner and the dusting cloth may not be effective. You should use a quality stain remover. Before using any stain remover from the store, it is recommended that you test it on an inconspicuous part of the chair, so as to test its effect on your leather chair. Only use the product when you are sure that it does not damage the leather.

There are different ways of cleaning your leather chair using over-the-counter cleaning products. First, you can use vinegar and linseed oil. Make a mixture of one part of vinegar and two parts of linseed oil. Apply the mixture on your leather chair and leave it for a couple of hours. Then, use a clean rug to rub the chair. This will leave your chair with its original attractive shine. The other method involves using alcohol and water. You are required to make a mixture of one part of each. Then, using a clean rug, rub the mixture gently on your chair. Since alcohol can dry out the leather, you should consider using a leather conditioner at some point.

There are several warnings and tips that you should observe when cleaning your leather office chair. First, you should avoid soaking the chair completely into the cleaning solution. You should simply use a clean rug, dip it in your solution, and use it on the stains and spills. You should also avoid scrubbing your chair roughly. Ensure that you use gentle movements to avoid ruining the fabric. After the stain is gone, rinse the chair using warm water. Avoid using the chair until it is completely dried. In future, avoid spilling soft drinks and food on the chair, so as to make cleaning easy. Finally, you should avoid using the base of the chair as a step stool. Placing your feet on the base parts can damage the chair’s appearance with stains and scratches that are difficult to remove.

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