Boss Black Executive Leather Chair Review

Boss Black Executive Leather Chair
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  • Boss Black Executive Leather Chair
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Review Summary:

No tools required to assemble, upholstered with LeatherPlus, waterfall seat design, soft and durable leather, lumbar support, ergonomic back design, tilt tension that can be adjusted, upright locking position.

Most people around the world have had mild to severe back pains due to poor sitting positions or even inappropriate chairs. Since most of these people spend up to 8 hours sitting in their offices, it is very important that they get the best chair. The Boss Black Executive Leather Chair is one of the best chairs that are not only comfortable but also soft to the back. The backseat of this chair is designed to provide ultimate comfort to your neck, back as well as legs. It has also been designed using quality leather that is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.

The leather executive chair can also rotate to your desired position. It is referred to as NTR as you require no special tools to assemble. Though relatively expensive, the Boss Black Executive Leather chair is ideal for those who adore and value quality and durable office chairs.

Benefits of you when using the Boss Black Executive Leather Chair

This leather executive chair gives numerous benefits. The chair has received plenty of customer reviews and has received increasing orders over the years. Some of the main benefits that you will enjoy by buying this chair include:

  • Best Quality: Most chairs are usually available in high prices but with poor or low qualities. The executive leather chair is beautifully upholstered using LeatherPlus.
  • Ultimate Comfort: With the leather executive chair, you can spend most of your time sitting in your office without getting tired. Your back can rest comfortably on the backseat. It has a waterfall backseat that provides ultimate comfort in any position you choose to sit.
  • Fairly priced: Most people who have not reviewed the numerous benefits will complain of the high prices. However, you will not get any other chair in the same price range, coming with the same quality and features, as the Boss Black Executive Leather Chair.
  • Easily cleaned and moved: This executive chair is made from light material making it easy to move from one position in your office to another. It has also been made using high-quality leather that is easy to clean and is never untidy or messy.

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Great Features of product

  • This is one of the best chairs for those who like to be comfortable in their offices.
  • It is made from quality materials with thick padding providing ultimate comfort on the back seat as well as the arm rests.
  • The chair also features an upright locking position. You can switch to this position when you are busy working on your desk and need an upright sitting position.
  • The back of the executive chair is ergonomically designed with a lumbar support providing ultimate comfort.
  • To prevent your legs from getting tired. The chair features waterfall seat design.
  • Easily movable with Built-in lock function. The Boss Black chair can be locked in one particular position. It is also made from light material making it easy to move the chair around.
  • Adjustable height and 360-degree rotation. In addition to rotating up to 360 degrees as you work around the office, the chair can also be adjusted to your preferred height.

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Pros and Cons of the product


  • Can be adjusted to your preferred height.
  • Easily moved from one place to another.
  • Easy to use and assemble (No tools required).
  • Offers ultimate comfort in your office with ergonomics looks and sturdy design.
  • Available at relatively fair prices.
  • Eliminates back pains.


The Boss Black leather chair comes with some of the best features, receiving very few negative reviews from customers. However, some customers have reported that the rolling casters do not last for long especially if your move a lot in your office. Besides this drawback, there are no other reported or known drawbacks of using this executive chair.

Why you should choose this product?

The main reason you should buy the Boss Black chair is that it offers Ultimate comfort even when your job involves sitting in the office for long hours. You should also buy it as it is made from sturdy and durable materials that will last for years without wear or tear. It also has a simple set up process as no tools are necessary to assemble.

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The Boss Black Executive Leather chair is the perfect chair for those seeking comfort and quality in their offices. It is also ideal for those who spend long hours at home working on projects and assignments. The chair can easily be used irrespective of where or how you choose to use it.

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